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Michelle Viscuse

Welcome to Journey Pink. My name is Michelle Viscuse, and my passion is to inspire women to have courage, hope, and freedom in Jesus Christ. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and Jesus delivered me from my past filled with secrets and shame.

He set me free.
I was afraid, and He gave me courage.
He gave me hope when I thought it was impossible to heal.
My chains were broken, one by one, and He gave me freedom.
And, He will do it for you. Do you want to be free?

Enjoy this free workbook:
5 Creative Ways to Process Trauma.


Trauma is hard to think about and talk about. This workbook includes 5 creative ways to process your trauma to help you uncover the words to your story. Telling your story and shining a light in the darkness brings healing, wholeness, and freedom to your life.

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Journey Pink began back in 2013

When I started my healing journey from Childhood Sexual abuse.

At the time, I could hardly say the words “Sexual Abuse.” This was before #metoo and not many people were talking about it. I was in counseling for over three years to heal from the shame and devastation of the abuse. I want to share what I learned and how I experienced healing to help you on your journey. Before we begin, let me assure you: you are not alone; it was not your fault; Jesus loves you. Thank you for being here, I hope you will stay awhile. Take a look around, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to find out about upcoming events.

Much love,
Michelle Viscuse

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