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I interrupt your bad day to present to you this important message – I LOVE YOU. Surely a flowing PINK SKY will warm your heart and you will feel me wrap my loving arms around you and assure you that you are complete and whole in me. I am all you need.
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That is what it was like on Friday when I walked out of my office and saw the magnificent glory in the sky. I stopped and thought really God for me?? Could it really be for me? Does anyone else in the world love pink the way I do for the reasons I do? I must stop right now and take a picture. Never mind that there are three people behind me waiting and I have my window down and phone out catching it quickly before it disappeared because by the time I got home and ran in and said, “Come see!! God made the sky pink for Mommy!!” …it was gone. As quickly as it came it left. Yet, I had the image on my phone. I showed it to him and then I posted it on Facebook.
At first I only saw my post, and then little by little other pictures of the same sky were being posted and in some ways it started to diminish for me. Oh, so it was all the way over there too.  Ok, so maybe several needed a pink sky and whether or not He intended it for me (perhaps that is silly to think he intended it for me I thought) I am glad I saw it and took the picture because I do feel 100% better now and I am ready to enjoy my weekend (where before I just wanted to crawl in bed and put covers over my head).
So, in the Breaking Free Bible Study – I started to do this week’s lesson all on Sunday and it took me close to 3 hours to do five days of study. It is not what I would recommend for most, but for me it zaps a lot and takes a lot for me to go there so I tend to just gear up and climb and take a deep breath and sigh when it is over. In fact, that morning when we woke up late – I kept thinking I should just rush and get to church, gotta hurry, gotta go…it was as if God gently asked me – why? And when I honestly looked in and answered that question I realized it was more of the checklist, appearance, being good, etc…it was if he said, I am here with you…Let’s have church. And boy did we have some church. In this week’s lesson on HIS UNFAILING LOVE – we went to empty places together in those three hours. I listened to music, I cried, and he continually comforted me, encouraged me, and loved me. I felt it.
**Disclaimer** I am in no way suggesting that you can have church without going to church or that you should stay at home and not go to church. I am simply saying for me it was a heart checkup with God where He assured me and I can assure you that next Sunday I go seeking Him – He is there waiting and will find me, just like He found me this Sunday. It was more a question of motivation – you ever feel like you will be punished for missing? Is it just me? You try to not step on any cracks – JUST IN CASE!!?? Ok, that is kinda where my heart was and he was back and forth with me on why? What do you think will happen?
So, when I finished the Bible Study…I looked at Facebook and saw on a blog where a lady who was turning 40 celebrated her birthday by Paying it Forward and it overwhelmed me.  One of the kids came in and I said in tears “Wow, God really loves us. Do you know how much God loves you??” because it was as if I had just had a glimpse of it for the first time.
At the Bible Study last night, for those who are in it you can confirm I rarely talk or contribute to the conversation (and that is ok). But, last night perhaps in all that love fest I had that afternoon I felt prompted big-time to answer two questions and they were not easy questions at all.
The first one was Can you think of a time when you were suddenly awash with the magnitude of God’s love for you personally? I had one word written:
Trust me when I tell you, I was not going there. So when the prompting came I said, “Even what I have written is in code and I am not sharing it. So, I will tell you this about Friday – I had a really bad day and when I walked out and saw that pink sky it was as if God put that in the sky for me. “Then I paused and said again…”many of you may have thought it was for you but it was for me.” (Yet, as soon as the words came out of my mouth I thought – Do you really believe that?? And now they must think you are crazy! Surely God does not paint a magnificent canvas in His sky for YOU of all people…) and I quieted.
Then in another section, the question was How would you explain the difference between God’s love and human love, even at its best? In the margin offer several examples of how God’s love differs. When I felt prompted this time, I quickly read my answer and thought what in the world??? So out loud I said, “I am not even sure I answered this correctly or read this question right but this is what I wrote… “He never grows tired of me or weary of me. I do not shock, bore or frustrate Him. He doesn’t turn His back, avoid or ignore me.”
Even now, the one who has not shared much feels completely weird in what she has shared and thought of all of the intelligent, practical, answers I could have offered why those two…so vulnerable, so unsure, so raw, so REAL? And then, the video started and I listened…
to Beth Moore describe a time when she was so drained and worn out from a speaking engagement and she described how the enemy really attacked her in those moments when she was so tired and she just needed a fresh touch from God… on her way home in the cab she saw a magnificent sunset with beautiful rays shooting down and she mentioned it to the cab driver and he didn’t seem amused. Then as they traveled on she still marveled at it now from a different angle…and then as they pulled into her subdivision she exclaimed! “I kid you not – it was as if that magnificent sunset was over my house for me by God. He did that for me. He loves me that much – and I felt his enormous peace.”
At this point, my eyes are full, and my heart is pounding and every hair on my body is standing up. I have chills.
THEN, she says this is a letter that I wrote – it’s not Biblical but it is personal about why God loves Beth Moore. It is all of the ways he loves me and I want to share it with you…and some of her responses were quite similar to my answer before that I had made personal…such as I do not bore Him.
Finally, and the very end of the video segment by now my eyes are so full of tears that I can barely see the screen, and she looked right at the camera and said Pay it Forward.
Now, after this experience – this is what I hear:
Attention Pink,
I am quite capable of painting a magnificent tapestry of pink in the sky for you and I do love you enough to paint it. While you felt silly sharing what I prompted you to share tonight I hope you see that in my love for you I am not ashamed of you. I wanted the ladies in that room with you to see and know how much I love you. You are that big to my heart and you are that important to me. How quickly you doubt, how quickly you forget…how fast you are to deny your worth – so I gave you a room of women to affirm and seal in your mind how much I love you…to remind you that you never shock me. You never bore me. I won’t turn my back on you and I never have. I made you in my image and I love you with all of it.
With love you will never comprehend,
Your Father In Heaven & On Earth

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