/ / I am free.

I am free.

So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.  John 8:36 (NIV)

This morning I bought Shackles by Mary Mary on iTunes.  
I sang it over and over and over. 
I danced for an hour at Zumba. 
It was a busy day and I didn’t eat.
I had to shop at the grocery store 
This is what I saw as I was leaving:
(To anyone who may be behind me
and see me taking a picture
please be patient with me!
It’s a God Moment!
….and stop to capture your God Moments!)
And then I waited with much anticipation. 
It happened.  I did hard things today. 
God lined it all up and it took Faith every step of the way. 
I waited for Him to lead me.  
I listened to Keep Me by Patrick Dopson and I sang it loud,
especially this part:

“You will finish what you started
Complete what you’ve begun
Though the enemy has lied and said I’m done 
But I know you better than that!
You’ve kept me safe this far. 
It’s time for you to show 
just who you are!
Cause you are Jesus!” 

I would not have chosen today. 
I would not have chosen the way.
He led me to trust Him. 
He delivered.

I had 45 minutes. 
I lifted both hands high 
I dropped to my knees
and I prayed out loud 
to Jesus. 
I paced the floor with my arms high. 
I clapped my hands.  (new, but I did!) 
I had enormous peace. 
Then, it happened. 
To God Be The Glory. 
Just minutes later we were in the car
My husband said, “Look!  Get your camera”
This was on the license plate in front of us. 
God knew I needed to remember.
Hard things are hard.
Don’t forget – THNK PNK

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