1. I love this post, Michelle. Those “what-ifs” can be so relentless sometimes, can’t they? Longing with you, as you say, to “trust that he’s got the whole world (even the really ugly, hard, dark parts) in His Hands and He will Romans 8:28 it all – every time.” Thank you so much for this encouragement. So timely.

  2. I remember very clearly when my kids were in the daycare, at end of day, when I pick them up, the joy to have him run to your arm is always over whelming. Also, Chinese has a kind family “game” to see who the child is running to. When he just started to walk, you put him in the middle of circle of families, whoever he runs to is the one child loved most. Is that the same God is waiting for us to run to His arms, is it the same way we should run to God like a child total trust!

  3. Great posts and great replies! The what ifs kill me sometimes. I struggle each day to carry out my prayer of “thy will be done, not mine!”

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