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It’s Healing Time

I was on my way to counseling and I was contemplating my sacrificial offering for Easter.  Our church planned to take an offering and my daughter decided right away to sell her biggest toy.   You can read that story by clicking here:  Childlike Faith
Her offering/sacrifice made me contemplate what would my offering be and what could I do besides stroke the pen across a check to later swipe a credit card to cover the extra?  Lord, what could I give?
Tell your story… (he whispers)
What?  Really?  I don’t even know what I would say….
Trust me…
So I went to counseling and we talked a little about the possibility of sharing.  Then I returned to work, and as I was on hold, someone came in and asked to see me.  My husband and I work together and he asked if he could help and the gentleman said, “No, I will just wait.  I am here to see Michelle.”
He sat and waited for me while my husband offered him water.   My hold time continued and I did not want to keep him waiting much longer so I had my husband pick up to complete my call and I invited the gentleman into my office.
He came in and introduced himself and talked to me briefly about stress.  He put a CD down on my desk called “It’s Healing Time”, an instrumental CD of him playing the saxophone.

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The first song on the CD was His Eye Is On The Sparrow – which was all I needed to see to know that I wanted the CD.  Then when I asked him why was he there to see me, he responded that I was his assignment for our paths to cross today.  His ministry is to go wherever God leads.  I smiled and grabbed my checkbook because I knew that this was not an interruption but a divine encounter.
We chatted briefly and I asked him if I could take his picture, and he was happy to let me take his picture although he did want to preview it which made me smile too!
photo 10 He pulled out a journal which he called ‘passing the torch’ and he wanted me to write a note in it to offer wisdom to the next person he visited.  Several people all along the east coast had written in his book all the way back to 2/2013 and he shared a few with me.
photo 9
When he left my husband asked me, “who was that???”
I said, “just my angel.  God sent him to me today.  I’m going to share in church.”
My pastor had asked me before to share my testimony.  This time I said Yes.  It was time.  It was healing time…
I went home and laid on the couch and closed my eyes and just reflected on the beautiful day and the beauty of Jesus.  I opened my eyes to see this beauty standing right in front of me.

Mom, I have some flowers for you!
Mom, I have some flowers for you!


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  1. Wow! All of this gives me goosebumps and tears at God’s leading and watching over you. Amazing grace confirmed again and again. Thank you for blessing me today, Michelle.

  2. Oh friend this makes my heart sing. I cannot wait to hear your story. I do hope you will share. And that man coming in and asking for you by name…..goosebumps.

  3. I meet this man in Augusta , Ga. His music lifted my spirit and reminded me , God’s Grace Is Amazing.

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