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God is wooing my daughter. It is beautiful. He is letting me watch it, and take it in. I see His love on glorious display as he gently takes her hand and twirls her around with her sparkly dress spinning… her eyes intently watching him. He’s teaching her to dance. He’s showing her how to dance for Him. Right now, her shoes rest on His feet and she moves as He moves….but soon, her feet will touch the floor. She will dance alone, and she will know… He is with her.

This Sunday, she came into our bathroom and I said over the shower noise, “Hey Morgan, I just prayed for you!”  Later when she asked me what did I pray for her, I replied….”I prayed that when Jesus speaks to you and tells you to do something that you will do it.  You will listen.”
She’s been talking about wanting to accept Christ in her heart for a while now.  She has been asking us questions and talking to us.  Last week, she talked with our pastor about Jesus.  In church at the invitation I just looked at her and she shook her head, “no” and whispered not yet.
So my prayer in the shower that morning was for her to listen and to hear God.
This is what happened that day.  My heart is still full and overflowing…
At church, when I came out of Sunday School late she was outside of the door alone, waiting for me. She was sweaty and out of breath.
She said, “Mom!  There is a nest in the bird house outside!  God told me to go look and I did!!  Come see!”
~I missed it.~
I told her we needed to hurry and get to church and we could look after church.  So after church her and my husband jumped out and ran over and there were baby birds in the nest.

She was so excited!  We have two birdhouses in our yard that the kids check everyday and so far no nest.  There are several birdhouses on the church property, but this one by the cross… the one she ran too… had a nest in it!  She said God told her to check it.
There was a soccer game at 1pm, and so we had two options – take a walk to the fields on the trails, and eat lunch after soccer, or have lunch ready when soccer was over…she wanted to go on the walk.
I take lots of pictures.  Lots.  Of my kids.  Of nature.  Of moments.  Of memories.  I mostly just use my camera phone, and I as I type right now I have 2,317 pictures on my phone.   The pictures are all moments.  God moments.   My phone battery was dead, and I had just plugged it in to charge when she said let me bring my iPod Mom.  So she ran to get her iPod ‘in case we needed to take any pictures.’  She’s been with me on a few Faithwalks before and she has seen me pause, sing, cry, pray and smile, (and snap the pic).
Right when we hit the trail I said, “shhhhhhhh, listen” … and we watched a small bunny rabbit for a few minutes.  By the time she went to take a picture,  the bunny was gone.  So we kept walking…and there was a blue butterfly, and then a black butterfly.  They were both still to fast for her to get the picture and she was getting frustrated.  I just explained, the point is to not miss the moment!  Enjoy the bunny and the butterfly and all of God’s gifts to us.  Don’t miss them.
There were two red cardinals and she was able to capture a picture of one of the pretty birds.  She saw a bright blue bug too, and many beautiful flowers.

She was so excited and the best was when she said Mom!!!  Look!!  “I just prayed for a four-leaf clover and then I looked, and there it was!   Mom, God makes so many beautiful things in this world.  The bunny rabbits, the butterflies, all of the different colored birds, the flowers, the bugs, and this four-leaf clover!  He loves us so much!”
photo 16

Jesus is wooing my daughter, my little girl.  Jesus is wooing me.

Isaiah 38:19   The living, the living – they praise you, as I am doing today; parents tell their children about your faithfulness.

You see, when we passed by the clovers … my son and I kept walking ahead.
She paused.  She prayed.  She saw it.  She went for it.   Her faith with the bird house and the clovers required action.  It required her moving. Taking a step. Receiving His Gift to her. Receiving His Love. Dancing to the Beat of His Heart, at His Pace, in His Time.  Others may say slow down! Speed up. Go this way. Go that way. Do this. Do that. But, this is Her dance with Him.

My prayer is that she listens to His Voice.

Her feet move with His feet.

Her heart beats with His heart.

Her smile shines with His Love.

This dance ~ the dance of Life with Jesus ~ is my prayer for her, and for us.

John 16:23-24 MSG  This is what I want you to do: Ask the Father for whatever is in keeping with the things I’ve revealed to you. Ask in my name, according to my will, and he’ll most certainly give it to you. Your joy will be a river overflowing its banks!


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  1. I love this picture of our dance of life with Jesus! Such a longing fills my heart to move my feet with His, to let my heart beat with His heart, to smile with His love. Thank you SO MUCH, Michelle, for sharing this beautiful story of how Jesus is working in your daughter. Also of seeing the beauty of His creation when we stop and open our eyes to it. Little children and their precious simplicity can teach us so much. You have lifted me today.

  2. such an amazing thing to witness – I love seeing how my daughter takes in the world and all its messiness – she has the biggest heart and is the easiest forgiver — I should learn a bit more from her!

  3. What a delightful post! so wonderful your daughter sees God in nature and He speaks to her….He wants to speak to all of us as we slow down and listen…..loved this!

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