1. I LOVE this post. I have struggled with fitting in or blending in as long as I can remember. Immediately when I enter a group I assume the immediate judgement is that I don’t fit in and shouldn’t be there. Which means I always feel different. Through prayer and my support group I am beginning to feel that being different is ok. It is a process and great to see your interpretation that different is ok and beautiful. Thanks!

  2. I love this, Michelle! I too often put on that exterior smile, too, and I’d rather “blend in.” But it’s ok to be different! Thank you for sharing this truth! Love your pics, too. It’s amazing what God shows us when we open our hearts to it. Hugs!

  3. It is OK to be different because we remember it is Him make me different, not me. When we fix our thought and heart on Christ, it is will be ok. Charles Swindoll said: Among our highest callings as Christian men and women is that we KNOW who we are, we ACCEPT who we are, and we ARE who we are.
    Thanks God for your worship.

  4. Being who God created us to be….I struggle with wanting to just be “normal” and blend in….have approval….this spoke to me for sure on being who God created me to be…unique…different….r.e.a.l. Even as I now have passed my mid sixties I can hear God speaking….you are my beloved….as you are.
    Great post.

  5. Love this!! I read it and a few minutes later looked up and out my window and the first thing I saw was a red heart shaped leaf standing out on a bush of all green leaves-wow! And He whispered to my heart-“it’s for you too!
    I made you-you. I delight in you too. Your red doesnt have to be the same as her red.” Such good truth! So beautifully written. Thank you

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