1. Oh, Michelle, this is so raw and real. Thank you. It touched me deeply. What a glorious touch from our Lord! Hugs!
    I always longed to go to that conference. I’ll be looking forward to more as you unpack your heart.

  2. Trudy, it was incredible! This was my first time, but I would definitely go again – and would love to meet you in person! Maybe, just maybe it will happen! Thank you for stopping by… you are such a blessing to me. <3

    1. I’d love to meet you in person, too, Michelle. And I’d love to go to that conference. My health limitations and money are roadblocks, but we never know, do we? We do have a BIG GOD!

  3. Truth here – “Serve ME.” Thank you for sharing this! It was a joy to meet you at She Speaks. I broke away from the conference too, for awhile and escaped to Walmart! Eventually God met me in my car through my tears also. Press on, Michelle, because you are valued and your story really matters!

    1. Renee, Thank you so much. You will never begin to know what that tap on my shoulder meant to me and your beautiful prayer. I will never forget that moment. I am so thankful he met you in the car too…what an amazing weekend!

  4. OH MY Goodness! This is so moving! It is such a privilege to see you thru this weekend and WATCH the Father touch you so much. You are awesome and I’m so thankful I got to see you, His princess, being hugged so much by the Father!

  5. Oh, sweet you friend, you have a way with beautiful words! Virtual hugs to you from TX – so glad you stuck around so I had the pleasure to meet you. Can’t wait to continue to read this story as it unravels of how you are serving Him! Love you!

    1. Kim, I loved meeting you. I wish we were all closer! We need to pack in a booth at the Olive Garden again real soon. Fun times, and big smiles. I am so thankful for you. Love you too!

  6. Perfect! You have given words to the experience I also had. HE MET ME. In all times and all ways. Yes, even sitting in my car crying. I’m glad to know you felt Him as real as I did. (Kinda verifies we are “crazy”!) Service was the message to my heart, too. “Serve my servants”.
    I will pray for you as you journey steps toward serving Him. Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie.. I love that you had similar experiences! That parking lot was sacred ground that weekend for several of us apparently! Praying for you on your journey too. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Michelle, it is odd to me that I am just reading your post. It is absolutely beautiful. I think I needed to read it today. I have been swimming about or more like treading water for the past few weeks as I reach out and question the Lord about this desire “right in between where the ribs meet.” Work has come crashing in and I really need to find that peace and purpose again.

    1. Kelly, I am with you girl! Back to life, back to reality is hitting me. Whether we are swimming, treading or just floating, the main thing is to stay in the water. Don’t get back into the boat. 🙂 He will make a way! I am thankful this post was timely for you, and I will be praying for you to find that peace and purpose in the midst of calendars, schedules, and life in general. I miss you bunches! ((((hugs))))

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