1. Thank you for sharing the story behind the scroll. You will never know what it means for me to hear your story. The Proverbs 31 Board and I gathered Scriptures for weeks, and when we had them all, I prayed over each and every one and prayed over your names…each and every one…believing God that each woman would receive His Word for her. How I wish I could hear every story to see God’s hand at work. This is a true gift. Thank you!!!

    1. Wendy,
      Thank you for your vision, your prayers, and your dedication to serve Him. I am thankful for each hand that rolled and tied each scroll. The Bible verse that I read that morning ushered an amazing peace into my soul for that weekend. I immediately read mine, and when I did I thought my heart would burst with joy! I asked my neighbor what verse she had (just to make sure we didn’t all have the same verse) and then I just smiled…. big. Of all the verses in the Bible, mine had the word shade! Only God! Thank you for your faithfulness. <3 Michelle

  2. Your blog posts are so incredible! I can’t wait to see how your gifts will impact the masses. This is a great post! I never have thought of the leaf as protection but now have a whole new perspective-thank you!! 🙂

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