1. Thank you, sweet Michelle! Your courage and heart inspire me! “Writing for me is like seeing the mended vase, with Him being the glue that lines those sharp edges and creates beauty.” Wow, how beautiful – this praise-offering to God! I am honored and blessed by your friendship and encouragement. Your writing is a gift to your readers, and we are enriched every time you share.

  2. I love your answers and can identify with them, Michelle. Thank you for remembering me for your blog hop! Renee’s and Shelley’s blogs are so inspirational. Thank you. Hugs! ❤️

  3. Thank you so much Michelle. I, too, use writing as a sort of Ebeneezer. It marks God moments in my life that might otherwise be forgotten. It was so awesome to meet you at She Speaks and I look forward to sharing this writing adventure with you (and to trying out a blog hop of my own).

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