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On writing {A blog hop}

My friends Brandi  & Kristine invited me to join this Blog Hop on writing!  I met them online through Compel Training and just recently met them in person at She Speaks!  Both encourage me and their words are as beautiful as their smiles so be sure to visit them by clicking on their name!  This is my first blog hop, so … I am supposed to answer three questions on writing, and then introduce you to three bloggers that I follow.

Ready?  Set?  HOP!

We write to remember, to remind, to reach

Why do I write what I write?

I write to remember what God has done for me.  I write to remember how on an ordinary Friday, God told me he loved me with a magnificent Pink Sky and this time I believed it.  It changed everything for me.  He’s like that, and I don’t want to ever forget it.
I write to remind myself of who God is, and who He says I am.  Journey Pink is all about the discovery of knowing and believing that I am His, and He is mine.  I am His Princess and He is my King.
I write to reach that woman who is weary, and just getting through her busy.  If she even stops to look in the mirror, it’s not a princess she sees.  She may even know Jesus and know a lot about Him, but she’s really not even sure she’s on His radar.  She wants you to see that she is okay, but at night when her head hits the pillow a single tear falls whispering silent hurts.  I was that woman, and I found hope and healing in Him.

What am I working on?

Honestly, I am working on healing, and a big part of that for me is writing.  I have been on this journey a little over two years, and writing has been a big part of it. Writing for me is like seeing the mended vase, with Him being the glue that lines those sharp edges and creates beauty.  No matter how shattered it seems, He will make it whole again.  He will smooth the jagged edges, and shine the dull places.  He creates beauty with broken pieces.  There is hope in Him for all of us, every one.

How does my writing process work?

I write when I can whether it is typing notes on my phone, on paper or my blog.  Sometimes a writing prompt will stir something in me, but I don’t always make it to every party or link-up.   My favorite time to write is after a quiet walk in nature.  The trails just seem to line up jumbled words for me.  The hardest part is hitting publish.  I laugh when after thirty minutes of staring at the publish button (occasionally with nervous clapping or snapping fingers) my husband will say – “Please just push it!!”  Pushing publish and commenting for whatever reason is hard for me, but I am trying – a work in progress, I tell you!

Meet my friends!

I want to introduce you to three bloggers that I enjoy following.

Their transparency and truth points to Christ.

They are brave hearts making hearts brave!

Trudy Den Hoed - Freed To Fly
Trudy Den Hoed – Freed To Fly

I met Trudy Den Hoed online at the Faith Jam/Whitespace link-ups with Bonnie Gray.   She has been such an inspiration to me.  Trudy’s tagline says it all:  Hope, Healing, and Freedom for hurting souls.  Her encouragement will bless you!

Renee Ratcliffe - Eternity in Our Hearts
Renee Ratcliffe – Eternity in Our Hearts

I met Renee Ratcliffe at She Speaks and she is a gentle brave spirit.  Her writing digs deep into God’s Word and points to His hope.  Her journey has led her to focus on Kingdom Living now, and she truly lives that way.  It still moves me to remember her tapping me on my shoulder to pray over me at the conference.  She will run along side you in this race, and encourage you to keep going with your eyes fixed on Christ!

Shelly Tiffin ...seeking God, searching for wisdom, sharing stories along the way...
Shelly Tiffin …seeking God, searching for wisdom, sharing stories along the way…

I also met Shelly Tiffin at She Speaks, and was blown away by her transparency and determination.   She shares her life lessons and stories in ways that will make you hear God speaking to you as well. She believes in doing life together, sharing our stories with each other and being transparent.  That makes me smile.

This is a hop, so please make yourself comfortable.  Grab a hot coffee, (and/or a cold Diet Coke) and start clicking on the links.  Hop on over to their blogs, and be encouraged.  Be inspired.  Be real.

Write friends.  Just write.  

We write this to make our joy complete.  1 John 1:4

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  1. Thank you, sweet Michelle! Your courage and heart inspire me! “Writing for me is like seeing the mended vase, with Him being the glue that lines those sharp edges and creates beauty.” Wow, how beautiful – this praise-offering to God! I am honored and blessed by your friendship and encouragement. Your writing is a gift to your readers, and we are enriched every time you share.

  2. I love your answers and can identify with them, Michelle. Thank you for remembering me for your blog hop! Renee’s and Shelley’s blogs are so inspirational. Thank you. Hugs! ❤️

  3. Thank you so much Michelle. I, too, use writing as a sort of Ebeneezer. It marks God moments in my life that might otherwise be forgotten. It was so awesome to meet you at She Speaks and I look forward to sharing this writing adventure with you (and to trying out a blog hop of my own).

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