1. Praising God for your wisdom of walking at your daughter’s side in patiences for her to invite Christ into her heart when she is ready. As mothers we want to the best for our children but being a pushy parent can shove them in the wrong direction. She has the Lord’s attention. As you know He’s there ready to wrap her in His arms. May your daughter remove her blindfold soon to see the wonder of Christ’s love. It’s better than BBQ ribs.
    Uplifting blessings.

  2. So exciting, Michelle! I love that she is giving her decision so much thought, and not just doing what she thinks will please her parents. This will make is so much easier for her to have faith in the genuine nature of her relationship with Christ. She will be so much less likely to doubt whether she ‘meant it’ – as I know I struggled with as a child! Wonderful!
    Blessings and big hugs,

  3. I am so proud of Morgan making this important decision in God’s time! I so very proud of you to be such a wonderful Mom!!!

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