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Drawing near to Him

Draw near to God
{This post was written on July 2, 2014}
God is pursuing my daughter, and in that process he is tenderly pulling me closer to Him too… more and more. It warms my heart to see her drawing near to Him, and it stirs something in me.
Just recently on a Friday night we walked in from a long day at work and collapsed on the couches. My husband was on one couch watching sports, and I was on the other couch lost in the glow of my screen. At about 7:30pm, the kids were asking if we planned to eat anytime soon.   So, we finally got up and said, “Yes, and it is a surprise!”
It really was a surprise, because we had no plan. At all.
As we were getting up to put on shoes, they all ran downstairs with blindfolds on awaiting the sweet reveal.
My husband and I smiled and went with it.  It’s Friday night surprise – who knows where we will end up?Friday Night Surprise!

We had them keep on the bandanas for the big surprise and we continued driving. My oldest could hear my husband and I whispering about our struggle to find a place, and he suggested we let Siri help us out.
Siri landed us at a Ribs and Wings place about 20 minutes away. They removed their bandanas and we walked in and were seated right away as only a few people were there. My youngest said, “This is it? This is the surprise? Next time can we do something funner?” We laughed and ordered our dinner.
At the end of the meal the boys went to the restroom, and our daughter said she needed to tell us something. Her face was very serious as she explained, “I am still thinking about accepting Christ, and I’ve prayed and decided it might be this Sunday if it rains tomorrow.”
All of that in one sentence.
I knew there was likely no rain in the forecast.
I asked her why rain? She said she just needed a sign. Before we could even respond, a gentleman got up from another table and walked over to ours and tapped my husband on the back and said these are for your kids, and gave him three red coin holders.
Jesus Saves
My mouth was likely open, and my daughters eyes were wide. We thanked him, and I looked back at her and said I “Wow, baby what do you think? Did you read that?” She said, “Yes, and I think that was a sign!”
The next morning I woke her up early and we went for a walk together, just the two of us. She immediately started talking about us being like grains of sand and with so many people in the world, how can God know us all? I explained that we are His children, and He created us and cares for each of us. He knows us all. He knows how many hairs are on our head. That’s how well He knows us!
She smiled when I asked if she knew how many hairs were on her head. I admitted I didn’t know either!
Then we stopped and admired the beautiful red Cardinal. He was singing a sweet morning melody and I captured a bit on video.
Nature Walk
It was a lovely time together taking in the sights and sounds of nature. It was special.
On Sunday, I didn’t say anything when the invitation played and she remained with us. Later that day she came and sat beside me and just said, “I’m not ready.” I put my arm around her and said, “You will know sweetheart. When it is time, you will know.”
His love, his beauty and his grace are drawing her near to Him. There is no pressure, no fear. No hellfire. No damnation.
She is not afraid.
I was.
To be continued…

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  1. Praising God for your wisdom of walking at your daughter’s side in patiences for her to invite Christ into her heart when she is ready. As mothers we want to the best for our children but being a pushy parent can shove them in the wrong direction. She has the Lord’s attention. As you know He’s there ready to wrap her in His arms. May your daughter remove her blindfold soon to see the wonder of Christ’s love. It’s better than BBQ ribs.
    Uplifting blessings.

  2. So exciting, Michelle! I love that she is giving her decision so much thought, and not just doing what she thinks will please her parents. This will make is so much easier for her to have faith in the genuine nature of her relationship with Christ. She will be so much less likely to doubt whether she ‘meant it’ – as I know I struggled with as a child! Wonderful!
    Blessings and big hugs,

  3. I am so proud of Morgan making this important decision in God’s time! I so very proud of you to be such a wonderful Mom!!!

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