1. “He understands my every struggle, doubt and insecurity. He even knows I don’t always enjoy the surrender, but I want to. Healing in progress.” This is so comforting, Michelle. It’s hard to just breathe and relax and fall into His arms in complete, whole-hearted surrender, isn’t it? But He lovingly understands us. Thank you for sharing this! Hugs!

  2. What an honest post, Michelle. So glad that you have God to travel this healing journey beside you and to wipe those tears when they come. It was so brave of you to be willing to step outside a safe spot and I pray God continues to meet your courage with His strength.

  3. I can relate. Lately I’ve been running around trying to fix things. My things, my mom’s things, my daughter’s things, my husband’s things. I just want every problem solved and everyone to be happy. I’ve allowed my desire to fix everything completely stress me out. God has been sending me the same message. Breathe. Relax. Be still. I know He has everything under control. I want to trust Him. Why is it so hard to be still and trust? Praying today for your need and for mine, and also praising our trustworthy God.

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