1. Love this!! Thank you for sharing it!
    Wow yes it’s true- new season and God is doing amazing things in and through you!
    Give your little girl a hug and tell her she is brave and precious and yes very loved by Jesus💗

  2. Glad to have stopped by here today. I am getting to know the little girl inside of me too- and this was very meaningful 🙂 Thankful for your post and your words here today! blessings!!

  3. I am crying as I read this again! Oh how He loves us! We are Daddy’s girls. Oh, for just a taste of that love will change us forever. I want more! I want to never forget how real and tangible His love is, how precious I am to Him…how precious we all are!
    Why do I worry? Why do I doubt. He loves me. His love is all I need!!
    Thank you Michelle for the reminder!

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