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Jesus Showed Up

“Come,” he replied, “and you will see.” John 1_39 NIVRecently, I was able to spend a weekend at the beach for my daughter’s soccer tournament. It was great to just get away and spend time with my kids. It was also a special time for me to be still and bring my broken heart to Jesus. And, He met me there. Jesus showed up.

On our last morning there, my daughter and I woke up early to see the sunrise. We were looking for shells when we spotted the burning pink light on the waves. We stood in awe and watched the beautiful sun rise up. My heart pounded in praise as we sang, “Great are You Lord,” by All Sons and Daughters. It was such a special time together.
My spirit was lifted. My circumstances had not changed but the ocean sunrise and praise had invigorated me. After her final game, I was excited to pick up her soccer tournament poster all rolled up and sealed in plastic.
As I walked away, I stopped to make sure they had given me the correct poster and noticed a red flag flapping in the wind that said “HEALING.” I opened the poster and laid my eyes on my beautiful daughter, and it was such a powerful moment of thankful devastation.
Thankful devastation is the only way I can describe it – it’s like the tension of being so very thankful and at the same time so very devastated.  In that moment, I was deeply thankful that she was even here playing soccer and yet so devastated that she had been through so much this year. In those raw tender seconds with the Lord, three complete strangers approached me in the middle of a huge soccer field and asked if they could pray with me.
I burst into tears, and showed them the picture of my daughter. I asked them to pray for her and to pray for our family. I blurted out my thankful devastation to complete strangers, and they huddled around me and covered our family with prayer. I felt His love pour over me from head to toe. I thanked them for their sincere heartfelt prayers, and they handed me this card that said:  “What do you see?”
I walked away with my youngest who was asking, “MOM! Who were those people? Why are you crying? What did they say to you? Did they pray for me too?” I cried all the way to the car, assuring my son they were happy tears.
When we stopped to eat, I showed the card to my kids and told them that Jesus showed up and used three complete strangers to touch our family and pray for us. On the long drive home, I cried several times. It was an extra blessing to share my tears with them and describe the JOY that comes from experiencing His presence and His love.
Jesus showed up.  
We didn’t win the soccer tournament, but we left with thankful hearts and healing. We didn’t bring home any medals, but we did bring home a simple card that said “What do you see?” to remind us to see Jesus!
I will forever be reminded that I saw Jesus through three people from North Strand Community Church in Little River, SC. Thank you for being there to pray, and approaching me in a moment where I desperately needed to hear from Jesus. You were His hands and feet to me, and I will remember.
Come, and see.  
So many times, He’s there and I miss it. The card reminds me to look for Him. The ocean is even more special to me now, and I am sure it will be a special place for our family too because Jesus showed up.
Thank you, Jesus! 
What do you see? How is Jesus showing up in your life? How has He met you in your circumstances? Praise Him and share! #JesusShowedUp

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  1. Wow! Reading about how Jesus showed up for you and your family gives me happy tears and so much hope that Jesus will never leave or forsake us. I love the phrase “thankful devastation.” I’m learning, too, that we can be thankful even while we’re still hurting. I love the pics of your daughter and of you with your children. May God give further healing to her and to you and your family! Hugs!

  2. This is beautiful! I’m glad God met with you and encouraged you and put people there to pray for you and your family. It’s also a great reminder to look for Jesus because he’s always there but sometimes we can fail to see that when things are hard.

  3. Our God is awesome! I am glad that you met those wonderful people on our healing team right when you needed him most! <3 God bless!

  4. God’s goodness is such a blessing, but His faithfulness is one that devastates me in thankfulness. I love how you paired those words. May He continue that healing work He started.

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