1. This is an incredibly beautiful allegory. Thank you so much for sharing from the deep places of your heart! I too know how it feels to hear the Lord invite me into the dark places of my heart, as He continues to call me there, where I deal with chronic pain. I would like to shut that place off, but just as in your story, He waits for me to find the sweet fellowship that only is found in those hidden places of the soul. Blessed to be your neighbor over at #TellHisStory!

    1. “He waits for me to find the sweet fellowship that only is found in those hidden places of the soul” – this sums it up beautifully. So thankful for His patience and persistence with us! Thank you so much for visiting Bettie.

  2. Love this story of how God takes what was meant for evil and makes it for good. I love how God not only has produced a garden for each of His children, but HE has made each garden unique….designed with each mind. From Ashes to Beauty. Praise God for His Indescribable Love,

  3. I love this, Michelle. Such a beautiful allegory! It comforts my heart to remember how God leads us deeper into the painful places in our hearts to show us how He can transform the ugly into a glorious garden. Blessings and hugs to you!

  4. This is pretty powerful! May I be a woman whose doors are all wide open for my Lord to enter in ever crevice of my heart! Blessings!

  5. Hello, Michelle. So nice to meet you at Suzie’s place today. Yes, let’s open the doors. Let’s hoe up our unplowed ground and sow the seeds of righteousness. I love that scripture.

  6. Wow! Beautiful…it truly paints a vivid and accurate picture of the healing process and the results we enjoy when we boldly allow Him to lead the way and tend to our wounds. Thanks for sharing your heart. I appreciate your friendship and willingness to share in my journey.

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