1. Merry Christmas friend! Glad to know you & the stories that have marked your journey thus far…Hard & good mingled together into a most beautiful you!

  2. I can identify with this, Michelle. I love what you write about the little girl in us – “And she’s going to be okay. She’s breathing in new seasons with fresh eyes. Making new memories and even remembering the good. She is loved.” Yes, because God is with us always, let’s continue to allow her to breathe in new, better seasons and remind her how loved she is. 🙂 May Jesus give you an ever deeper knowledge of His infinite, unconditional love in 2017! Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you Trudy! Merry Christmas to you, and I wish you many blessings in 2017! I look forward to reading your encouraging posts as you always make me smile. Happy New Year to you! Love and hugs to you, friend!

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