1. Happy New Year Michelle! Thank you for sharing! God Bless! I want to expect the Lord in all things too! We expect so much from others and different situations, why not expect the one that is mighty and able? Thanks again for your words! With love, Denise

  2. These verses and your thoughts and longings really resonate in my heart, Michelle. This post has been sitting in my inbox waiting to be read, but God knew I needed this reminder today. I so need to expect more from God. He is so willing to give, isn’t He? May our hearts be focused on Jesus and what He has done for us and may all our words and actions point to Him! Love and hugs!

    1. Happy New Year Trudy! I wish you many blessings in 2017! I just read your post in my inbox and love it – yes, it all starts with Jesus! I also love your new blog design! It is beautiful. Much love to you friend!

  3. Savor – to be present in the now; to appreciate the small gestures; to do the small gestures even if they don’t solve the whole problem; appreciate small successes even if I miss it the next time: do that one next thing well.

    1. Savor – that word is awesome Amanda and I can’t wait to see how God will use it and reveal more to you in the New Year! Happy New Year and I am thankful for you! Blessings as you savor the LOVE of our Lord! <3

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