1. Thank you Michelle for this today ! I understand so well the way your ❤️ is so grateful to your Heavenly Father for the way he blessed you with your earthly Grandfather ! My heart is blessed so much every time I read a post of yours ! It is so wonderful when the Holy Spirit fills your heart and mind and body with tears of joy ! This is a blessing to me tonight!

  2. Godly grandfather’s give children life long gifts of Christian examples of love and reverence for God. Your message today reminds me of my “Gramps” and his radiant face as he sang this same song. Thanks for the memory.
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  3. What a beautiful memory, Michelle. What a blessing to have a grandfather who modeled to you the love he had for God! I’m so glad your tears were happy tears, my friend. Love and hugs!

  4. This is lovely, Michelle, and your grandfather has left a beautiful legacy. I also love how church became a safe place where you could be yourself, whether the tears were sorrowful or joyful.

  5. A very touching write-up. My Dad and your Grandfather truely loved the Lord. He lived by example everyday! I am so proud of you and blessed to be your Mom! Thanks for writing the article!

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