1. It’s always so easy to doubt ourselves, isn’t it, Michelle? You have done a brave thing just by writing this post. Sometimes when I write a blog post, I fear that someone else has already said it, and better than I could. But we have to remember God has given each of us a unique voice, right? Praying this with you – “I am going to be intentional to sit at your feet and listen. Help me to pursue my calling without fear, worry or anxiety. Help me to follow you.” Love and hugs!

    1. Yes, that doubt can creep in and spread so quickly! But you are exactly right, He has given us a unique voice – and He will guide us and show us the way! I am thankful you are praying along with me. Thank you so much for your encouragement and friendship. You are a blessing to me. <3

  2. I love this prayer, Michelle, and the idea of doing #onebravething! I finally did a brave thing yesterday in sharing my story with a friend from my church. I’ve felt for a while that I should but had been waiting for the right opportunity and it’s the first time I’ve shared with someone from my new church. We are looking at setting up a care ministry to help support others in the community, which is also quite scary but I’m excited to see what God will do. Thank you for the encouragement to keep being brave!

  3. WOW, Lesley that is awesome. Sharing your story is truly #onebravething and the ripple effect is incredible. Way to go, and keep stepping. I know God will use you in mighty ways with the care ministry – one step at a time. I am excited to hear more – and thank you for sharing your #onebravething! <3

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