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30 Days of Truth: I am a Masterpiece

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  John 8:32 NIV

It was almost 5 years ago when I whispered and shared the secret that I had kept inside for years: “I was sexually abused as a child.” Those seven words were so hard to say, and they made my heart pound, my teeth grind and my ears pop just thinking about them.  But as I said those seven words, light spilled into the darkness and my healing journey began.
The secrets that thrived in the darkness had filled my mind with lies.  
Lies about me. Lies about God. It was all twisted.
And now, the light was shining in the darkness and over time each of the lies were unraveled and replaced with truth.
I believed all of the lies (and more) that I am going to share with you. The shame and silence of childhood sexual abuse kept all of the lies locked deep within me and the lies affected all areas of my life. 
April is #SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) and for the next thirty days I will share the lies I believed and the truth that I discovered in my healing from childhood sexual abuse.
Truth #1:  I AM A MASTERPIECE.  

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 NLT
The Lie:  I am a mistake.
The shame from sexual abuse made me feel dirty and less than, like a discarded piece of trash.
If you take a beautiful, bright piece of art and cover it with dark globs of goo it would not be the same. The shame from being sexually abused covered me like dark globs of goo. Under those lies and heavy shame – the art is still there!
Did something make you feel less than? Like you were a mistake? Where did that lie come from?  The truth is you are a masterpiece created by the Master.  Peel back the lies and those layers of shame and discover the wonderful art you were created to be!
Don’t believe the lie that you are less than. God doesn’t make junk. You are a work of art, His workmanship. You are not a mistake.

For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago.

Ephesians 2:10 VOICE


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  1. Beautifully said Michele. You are evidence of a bright light that was once overcome by darkness. You will give so many hope for their future. Keep shining girlfriend! I continue to lift up prayers for you regularly.
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  2. You were never a mistake! You were gift from God!! Love you so much! I am so sorry you had to go through this but so proud of what you are doing to help others!!! Love you!!! 💕💕

  3. You are not a mistake at all. It is so shameful that people look at everything from a perspective where they blame the victims for everything that happens to them.

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