/ / 30 Days of Truth: I am a gift, a great reward.

30 Days of Truth: I am a gift, a great reward.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  John 8:32 NIV

April is #SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) and for thirty days I will share the lies I believed and the truth that I discovered in my healing from childhood sexual abuse. To start at the beginning and read the first post click here —> 30 Days of Truth – I am a Masterpiece


Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 NLT

The Lie: I am a burden, a mistake.
In my second counseling session, I admitted that I believed I was a burden to others and that I had felt that way since I was a little girl. I don’t recall anyone ever telling me that I was a burden or a mistake, and yet that lie loudly penetrated my heart to the core.
The enemy is crafty and if he can’t get us to believe the lie, he will most certainly attempt to make us doubt the truth.  As a child, I heard the enemy whisper in the darkness “Did God really say Jesus loves all the little children? They are all a gift from the Lord?”
I sang the church songs and I memorized the Bible verses, but as I stood all alone in the horror of childhood sexual abuse those words started to lose their power in my life. I started to believe, “Jesus loves the little children, but not me” and “Children are a gift from the Lord, but not me.”
What else would a child think?
Do you feel like a burden, a mistake? What lies and whispers from the enemy made you doubt the truth for yourself? The truth is you are a gift. You are a great reward. Jesus loves the little children, especially you.
Peel back the lies and those layers of shame and discover the great gift and reward you were created to be! Don’t believe the lie that you are a burden, or a mistake. I am a gift. You are a gift.

Know this: children are a gift from the Eternal;
    the fruit of the womb is His reward. Psalm 127:3 VOICE

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  1. Hi Michelle, thank you for sharing your hurt and pointing us all toward truth. I am so sorry for your loss and pain you experienced as a child. I look forward to reading more truth in your series. May Jesus wrap His loving arms around you this Sunday evening. In His Love, Julie

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Michelle! I appreciate your heart & sharing how God’s truth has healed you.

  3. Wow. I grew up feeling like a burden, too. I’ve worked through a lot of it, but to this day, still fear coming across as one to people.

    1. Hi Jami, Thank you for being here! I am so sorry you grew up feeling like a burden, and still fear it at times. It is an awful feeling. I struggle too, and this verse has helped me in those moments to cling to the truth that I really am a gift. You are a gift, a great reward! Thank you for visiting and I look forward to reading more on your blog!

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