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Remember His Words


Then they remembered his words.  Luke 24:8

When I finished the last post for Baby Steps, my plan was to continue writing my story.  Instead, I took a break and I have barely opened my laptop.
Sometimes, when I put it down it is hard to pick it back up. 
Truth be told, there are times when I would prefer to just live in the “now” and never look back.  
But God.
When I was writing the Baby Steps series, I saw His faithfulness intertwined with my tears. Yes, I would remember the pain. But, I would also remember the promises He brought to fruition.  
You see, looking back helped me to remember His words. 
In Luke 24, when the women went to the tomb they found it empty.  It wasn’t what they expected and at first they were shocked and confused. The angels appeared to them and said, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee:  ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ”
Then they remembered His words.  
They went back to the share it with the disciples, but they were not believed.  Their words seemed like nonsense to the disciples.  
Jesus is always speaking.  
His still small voice causes my heart to burn inside of me. 
Am I listening?  
Life is loud, and the noise can drown out His voice. My best time to listen is in the morning under the safe hum of the shower and hairdryer. My eyes are closed and my mind is quiet enough to hear. Speak Lord, your servant is listening.  
Then in the noise of life, the lies grow louder and take me under.  Suddenly, I feel sad. Defeated. Discouraged. Hopeless.
It will never happen for you. 
It is impossible.
Did God really say?
Who do you think you are? 
You are crazy.
You are worthless. 
It is an old mean voice that spouts the same lies that have taunted me for years behind my smile. Instead of delighting in the hum of the shower, I am now drowning in the pit of despair.  
The Word is Alive.  
As I was reading in Luke, I came across those five words: Then they remembered His words.  
It was as if that sentence was a neon sign on that page and suddenly His truth overpowered every single lie, one by one.    
Do you remember my Words? 
It’s going to happen.
I really said it. 
You are my child. 
You have a sound mind.
You are worth more than many sparrows. 
His truth ushers in hope.  
Do you remember His Words? 
What has He whispered to your heart? 
Was it about healing? Your marriage? Your child? Your job? Your calling?
Maybe right now the circumstances look bleak. In the weariness, the lies begin to fill your tank with doubt.  The old mean voices start to pound in your head. 
What did He say?  What does His Word say? 
Write out that truth. 
Say it out loud. 
Write it on a notecard and carry it with you.
Sing it.  
Look back and remember His words. 

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    1. Yes, they are loud! Sometimes, I can’t understand why I let them get to me, but I do. So thankful His truth rescues us. May His Words ring loud and clear this season to our hearts and minds. Love and hugs to you too Trudy!

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