/ / the ledge of love

the ledge of love

I thought I was a little overwhelmed before.
Standing in the chasm of the unknown.
On the edge
With a tiny toe over.
Do I leap?
Or back fiercely against the stone wall?

There is no where to go.
The wall behind me is solid
No entry allowed.

So I must leap
Two toes over
I think I can
I think I can
Like a little train
In a tunnel
Towards any light .

I will leap.
One foot is out now
Extended in the open air
I will jump
And trust
That He will carry me

We have a history.

But the wall behind me
I know that wall.
It’s not comfortable
But it feels safe
Simply because it feels

Should I just jump?
Leap into the open air?
Go for it?
I can do this.

He will carry me.

We have a history.
One, two, three,
On your mark
Get set …


The wall behind me
Is the wall in front of me
Or is it?
Walled in.
No air.
No open space.
Toes bent in tension


The quiet is
Like cymbals inside my ear.
But only I can hear them.

Eyes open at night
To wake up
To the ledge again

Doubt seeps in.
Nerves exposed
In fears
what if’s.
No control.


Be still.
This is inside work.
Strengthening the core
Of mind and spirit.

With Hope.
His Faithfulness
We have a history.
This is a new chapter.
This is a new day.

Remember His faithfulness.
Remember His goodness.
Remember His love.

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  1. Good one!! Are you worrying about corona or is corona annoying enough you are worried about other things?
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    1. Good question, Lee! I think the impacts and unknowns have worried me the most. Things that were in motion have changed directions or stopped completely now. I miss routines, schedules and being on the sidelines cheering for my kids. Really trying to “be still and know” in everything, but it is not easy even when there is more time to be still. Thankful for you.

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