Baby Steps

Baby Steps

This is my story, and it’s only the beginning.

Baby steps… it’s like when my children were learning how to walk. I didn’t stand them up and expect them to sprint.  I got down on my knees in front of them, and I caught them in my arms. They knew they could step towards me because I was not going to let them fall. They trusted me. Eventually, I would back up even more knowing they could make longer strides. I cheered for them. 

That is a beautiful picture of the healing God has done in my life, one step at a time.  I stood there before Him carrying the most broken, hidden and painful pieces of my life. He came down low, looked me in the eyes, opened His arms wide and asked me to take a baby step towards His light and His truth. With each and every step, I discovered more of His love and His peace.  He brought comfort to the wreckage and He has truly restored all that was taken.

#1:  Baby Steps

#2:  His ways are not my ways.

#3:  God is light.

#4: Nothing is impossible.

#5: He will make your paths straight.

#6: My help comes from the Lord.

#7: The Lord is your Redeemer.

#8: He is my refuge.

#9 He will give you rest.

#10: He collects my tears.

#11: Jesus said, “Daughter your faith has healed you.”

#12: God orchestrates everything to make something good and beautiful.

#13:  His love is everlasting.

#14: He washes me.

#15: He is with me.

#16: He protects me.

#17: Your King is coming.

#18: He gives me rest.

#19: He gives me hope.

#20: He lets me catch my breath.

#21: He makes me safe.

#22: He shields me from shame.

#23: He crowns me with unfailing love and compassion.

#24: He fills me with praise.

#25: He lifted me.

#26: His light breaks my chains.

#27: He has set us free.

#28: Jesus said, “Little Girl, get up.”

#29: He delights in every step.

#30: God has set me free.

#31: He will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.